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Beyond the plc

On Monday Civitas published a book written by me and Paul Ormerod entitled “Beyond the plc”.  A press release and summary can be found on Civitas’ website here. In this article I want to provide some background to this work in two broad ways.  First, I will frame our thinking in the context of collective […]

Whatever happened to all those miners? Shocks and economic resilience

Where have all the miners gone?  To judge by the rhetoric of the BBC and other media outlets, whole swathes of Britain lie devastated, plagued by rickets, unemployment and endemic poverty – nearly thirty years after the pit closures under Lady Thatcher! The reality is different.  There is indeed a small number of local authority […]

Branding Heterodox Economics

By Rory Sutherland Those of you who are, like me, only dimly familiar with the writings of Peter Drucker will at least know one of his most famous pronouncements. “There are only two things in a business that make money – innovation and marketing. Everything else is a cost.” I always liked this assertion, and […]

Why the New Funding For Lending Scheme Won’t Work Either

By Greg Fisher If the managers of UK banks believe a recession is imminent then they will be cautious about lending.  Similarly, if these same managers think the future state of the economy is highly uncertain, they will also be cautious in making lending decisions.  Either way, prudent lending is not conducive to an economic […]

Macro-Economic Modelling and Its Uses

By Bridget Rosewell An International Macro Symposium conference this week hosted by the ESRC and the Oxford Martin School has brought home to me how little things have changed in some quarters.  There is still a belief that with some tweaks the old modelling frameworks can capture the elements that were missing before the crisis, […]

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