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Sustainable Forests: Government Control vs Social Self-Organization

By Greg Fisher Recently I was involved in a small piece of work funded by an NGO called PEFC (via AKC Global), which is the world’s largest certifier of sustainable forests. One of the most interesting things I witnessed in this work was the contrast between two perspectives in this domain: one which held that […]

Beyond the plc

On Monday Civitas published a book written by me and Paul Ormerod entitled “Beyond the plc”.  A press release and summary can be found on Civitas’ website here. In this article I want to provide some background to this work in two broad ways.  First, I will frame our thinking in the context of collective […]

Test, Learn, Adapt… and repeat: Learning and adaptation in public policy

By Mark McKergow The Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights team has just issued ‘Test, Learn and Adapt: Developing Public Policy with Randomised Controlled Trials’ (download from their website here). This document is notable for several reasons.  One of the authors is Ben Goldacre, author of Bad Science and a thorn in the side of pseudoscientists and charlatans […]

Complex Care

By Greg Fisher I was recently given two papers to read on the nature of “Multiple Exclusion Homelessness”, which is about people with multiple care needs e.g. housing, drug addiction, unemployment, etc.  The papers covered (i) Tackling homelessness and exclusion: Understanding complex lives i.e. need and (ii) Implications for Workforce Development and Interprofessional Practice i.e. […]

Corporate structure, Darwinism and random selection

By Paul Ormerod The corporate world exhibits a wide variety of structures.  Co-operatives and partnerships have been around for a long time and have some well known examples.  The Co-op, for example, was founded in Rochdale as long ago as 1844 and now is represented worldwide.  Goldman Sachs was a partnership for most of its […]

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