Julian Hunt Discusses Systems Approaches & Policy

Session 5 of 21CPD: Lord Julian Hunt discusses “Policy Development in the 21st Century – Using Network and Systems Approaches”.

You can access the videos for this session below.  If you experience technical problems (embedding files doesn’t always work!) you can access the videos via Youtube.  Julian’s speech can be accessed via this hyperlink and the Q&A via this link.

Julian’s Speech:

The Q&A:

Conventional processes of policymaking in government and Whitehall are often hampered by an over-reliance on inaccurate statistics and hazy accounts of past events to judge a potential policy’s future impact.  Drawing on numerous domestic and international examples, Lord Julian Hunt argued that methods such as systems thinking present a highly effective yet straightforward means of more accurately assessing the impact that can result from different Government policies, whether that is in the area of economics, energy policy or diplomacy. Using this understanding effectively, he argued, would open the door to far more successful and cost-effective decision-making in all areas of government.

Julian is Emeritus Professor of Climate Modelling at the Department of Earth Sciences at UCL and is a Project Advisor for the Global System Dynamics and Policies Project. He was Director-General and Chief Executive of the Meteorological Office from 1992-1997, and was created a Baron in the House of Lords in 2000.