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A New Event with the RSA – 21st Century Policy Development

  By Greg Fisher Yesterday we announced that we will be hosting a set of discussions with the RSA focused on new thinking in the social sciences which is beginning to make its way in to public policy.  These new fields of research include network theory and the complexity sciences but they also include a […]

Hayek, Equilibrium and Complexity

By Paul Ormerod I have been interested in this for some years, and here is a paper I published on Keynes, Hayek and complexity. Both Keynes and Hayek retained the concept of equilibrium in their models.  But their theories describe what happens when – which is most of the time – the economy is out […]

Post Crisis Economics

By Bridget Rosewell A conference last week brought together a variety of economists from academia and policy to discuss what changes the discipline should produce post the financial crisis and what changes should be made to degree studies. There was probably a consensus that micro economics had made more progress than macro in recent years […]

Reflexivity and Narratives

By Greg Fisher When someone mentioned to me a couple of months ago that the US launch of Prof. David Tuckett’s book Minding the Markets was held in George Soros’ own house, this seemed to make eminent sense to me.  Recently I began to reflect on why I reacted that way and it centres on […]

The Complexity of Hayek

by Greg Fisher There are a number of similarities between complex systems and Friedrich von Hayek’s work, which I’d like to flesh out in this blog.  For those who want to build on Hayek’s broad approach to social systems, they need look no further than complexity theory. I should note up front that my generally […]

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