21st Century Policy Development

Exploring how networks and complex systems can inform policymaking in the UK

This event was held on 15 March 2012 and was a day of discussions and an evening reception hosted and sponsored by Synthesis, the RSA, Assyst and FuturICT.

Please click on the links below to open a webpage dedicated to each session, with video clips for the speeches and Q&A.

– Session 1: Professor Paul Ormerod on “Network Effects and the Limits of Incentive-Based Policies”

– Session 2: Professor Steve Bishop and Suzy Moat on “FuturICT – The Billion Europe Project: Leveraging New Technology for Social Advancement”

– Session 3: Bridget Rosewell on “New Approaches to Infrastructure – Beyond Conventional Cost-Benefit Analysis”

– Session 4: Professor Jamie MacIntosh on “Security & Resilience Challenges – the Pragmatic use of Complexity and Network-Based Approaches”

– Session 5: Lord Julian Hunt on “Policy Development in the 21st Century – Using Network and Systems Approaches”

– Session 6: Steve Broome “Whole-Systems Approaches to Communities – On the Ground Policy Development”