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What Could Complexity Theory Ever Do For Us?

By Orit Gal & Greg Fisher Over the past few years, the spillover of complexity theory from the natural into the social realms has intensified, instigating a whole range of new theories and insights about the manner in which complex human systems emerge, behave, and transform.  But, with a few honourable exceptions, complexity theory has […]

Complex Care

By Greg Fisher I was recently given two papers to read on the nature of “Multiple Exclusion Homelessness”, which is about people with multiple care needs e.g. housing, drug addiction, unemployment, etc.  The papers covered (i) Tackling homelessness and exclusion: Understanding complex lives i.e. need and (ii) Implications for Workforce Development and Interprofessional Practice i.e. […]

Accountability in an Uncertain World

By Greg Fisher What does accountability look like in a world that is uncertain and in which innovation is not only prevalent but also essential?  In this blog I would like to argue that how we currently “do” accountability stifles innovation.  This is an important issue given how rapidly the world is now changing with […]

Values, the Economy, and the Financial System

By Greg Fisher Recently I have spent a lot of time thinking about the relationship between human values and economics & finance.  Specifically, this has been in two related areas: the types of corporate legal forms that exist (see Paul’s blog on this); and the “Social Investment market”.  In this blog I would like to […]

Corporate structure, Darwinism and random selection

By Paul Ormerod The corporate world exhibits a wide variety of structures.  Co-operatives and partnerships have been around for a long time and have some well known examples.  The Co-op, for example, was founded in Rochdale as long ago as 1844 and now is represented worldwide.  Goldman Sachs was a partnership for most of its […]