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Innovation in Dynamic Networks

By Greg Fisher This is the second of two blog articles that follow on from NESTA’s roundtable on Systemic Innovation.  The previous blog focused on systems, whereas this one is about innovation. How we view social systems has been fundamentally challenged in recent decades by the emerging science of complex systems.  Stuart Kauffman described this […]

Dynamic Versus Static Systems

By Greg Fisher Recently, Paul Ormerod and I were invited to a round-table at NESTA to discuss systemic innovation.  After that meeting, we were invited to write a blog reflecting on this issue.  I thought I might be neat to write two articles, one on systems and one on innovation.  Here I will tackle systems and, […]

The Emergence of Niceness

By Thomas Grund, Christian Waloszek, and Dirk Helbing The body of economic literature will have to change, suggests new research.  In their computer simulations of human evolution, scientists at ETH Zurich find the emergence of the “homo socialis” with “other-regarding” preferences.  The results explain some intriguing findings in experimental economics and they call for a new […]

“Positive Linking” – A Review by Rhett Gayle

Today our colleague Paul Ormerod is launching his new book, “Positive Linking – Why Networks Can Revolutionise the World” (click here for more). When I was young, I often wanted to do things that my mother would rather I did not do. When told “no” I would offer what seemed to me should be a winning […]

Royal Bank of Scotland fiasco shows the power of networks

By Paul Ormerod The last week or so has seen complete mayhem in the Royal Bank of Scotland and its subsidiaries.  A computer glitch has caused their payments systems to collapse.  Monies have not been processed, 17 million customers have been unable to access their accounts and pay their bills. The impact for RBS has […]

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