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Adelaide Festival of Ideas

Paul, unnerved by his globetrotting emerged fresh from his Washington presentation, to take part in Adelaide’s festival of ideas, which had a rich array of presentations and creative thinking. The three talks Paul was involved in can be accessed via this link.

Washington Conference on “Taming Complexity”

Recently Paul gave a presentation in Washington on “Policy and Networks: Policy Making in the 21st Century”, which can be downloaded here. The conference was hosted by TTI Vanguard on “Taming Complexity” between 4-5 October 2011.  The main conference webpage is here. In addition, the conference notes can be found via this link – Conference Highlights.

The Use and Limits of Agent-Based Modelling

by Paul Ormerod In this first Complexity Forum post, we’re looking at Agent-Based Modelling.  Thoughts, questions, issues from the “Complexity Community” are very welcome. There is nothing mystical or magical about Agent Based Models, they are simply computer algorithms. An important question is: in what sense can an ABM, or indeed any algorithm, discover things […]

Working with complexity, not against it: Emergence in real life and everyday conversations

by Mark McKergow As a management consultant, I help people make progress when things are tough.  Taking a complexity perspective helps this task enormously; an “emergent view” of the world removes the last possibilities of finally understanding – in a mechanistic way – how the world works.  Instead, this perspective points the way to a […]

Oh Kay!

By Greg Fisher Yesterday INET published a valuable essay written by John Kay entitled “The Map is Not the Territory: An Essay on the State of Economics”.  In this blog I would like to discuss how John’s essay is a useful and fair critique of the state of economics and use his framing to demonstrate […]