Steve Bishop & Suzy Moat Discuss FuturICT

Session 2 of 21CPD: “FuturICT – The Billion Europe Project: Leveraging New Technology for Social Advancement”.

You can access the videos for this session below.  If you experience technical problems (embedding files doesn’t always work!) you can access the videos via Youtube.  Steve & Suzy’s speech can be accessed via this hyperlink and the Q&A via this link.

Steve & Suzy’s Speech:

The Q&A:

The European Commission is committed to supporting pioneering new research projects that will aid member countries as they seek to flourish in a 21st century made up of new and demanding social, economic and environmental pressures. Prof Steve Bishop and Suzy Moat talked about how one potential project, ‘FuturICT’, will aim to draw upon the most recent scientific advances and an emerging understanding of complex systems to drive forward future technological innovation and address social policy concerns across the continent.

Prof Bishop is the coordinator of the FuturICT programme. He has been a Professor at UCL since 1984 and has worked on a range of multi-disciplinary projects, including the formation of a Europe-wide network of scientists investigating how decision support systems can be developed to assist policymakers.

Suzy Moat is a Research Associate within UCL’s Department of Mathematics. She was awarded an MSCi in Computer Science from UCL and the University of Paderborn, before completing an MSc in Psycholinguistics at the University of Edinburgh.