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Are Policymakers Right to Rely on Emergence?

By Chris Davies One of the most striking features of the Coalition Government’s approach to policy implementation is its embrace of emergence and self-organisation.  You won’t find any references to these in manifestos or ministerial speeches, of course, but a cursory look under the bonnet of some of the Government’s shiniest policies demonstrates the extent […]

System Transition

By Greg Fisher So Wikipedia is down today, voluntarily, joining other sites in a protest against anti-piracy legislation being considered by Washington.  This reflects the pain of societies transitioning from one broad “system” to something very different and it is largely due to networked computers. The point I want to stress in this blog is […]

Recessions as Collective Action Problems

By Greg Fisher In a blog on Keynes and Hayek I mentioned that I viewed recessions as collective action problems.  In this blog I want to expand on what I mean by this because it makes all the difference for economic policy.  It also contextualises our conventional demand management approaches, namely fiscal and monetary policy. […]

Keynesianism, Keynesianism, and Keynesianism

By Greg Fisher The word “univocal” refers to words that have one and only one meaning.  I’m not aware that the word has any alternative meanings (although it would be wonderfully ironic if it did).  “Keynesianism” for sure is not a univocal term and, like all non-univocal words, there can be a great deal of […]