Bridget Rosewell Discusses New Approaches to Infrastructure

Session 3 of 21CPD: Bridget Rosewell, Co-Founder of Synthesis, discusses “New Approaches to Infrastructure – Beyond Conventional Cost-Benefit Analysis”.

You can access the videos for this session below.  If you experience technical problems (embedding files doesn’t always work!) you can access the videos via Youtube.  Bridget’s speech can be accessed via this hyperlink and the Q&A via this link.

Bridget’s Speech:

The Q&A:

Standard approaches to infrastructure evaluation in the UK work on assumptions of perfect competition and equilibrium. Yet clearly, major investments disrupt a number of underlying conditions in the economy, with serious implications for many important factors that are not taken into account by conventional cost-benefit analyses. Bridget Rosewell has worked for several years to investigate these issues and how they should be incorporated into the decision processes for infrastructure spending. The case for Crossrail – now being built – and the forthcoming case for High Speed 2 are worthy case studies of these new approaches, incorporating a much more realistic and dynamic view of infrastructure investment.

Bridget Rosewell is Chief Economic Advisor to the GLA and to the Mayor of London and has given expert evidence at Planning Inquiries and other tribunals.  She is a partner in Volterra, a senior research associate at Synthesis, a Non-Executive Director of Network Rail and sits on a variety of other bodies.