Jamie MacIntosh Discusses the Complexity of Security

Session 4 of 21CPD: Professor Jamie MacIntosh discusses “Security & Resilience Challenges – the Pragmatic use of Complexity and Network-Based Approaches”.

You can access the videos for this session below.  If you experience technical problems (embedding files doesn’t always work!) you can access the videos via Youtube.  Jamie’s speech can be accessed via this hyperlink and the Q&A via this link.

Jamie’s Speech:

The Q&A:

Against the backdrop of last year’s summer riots, the Arab Spring movement and on-going economic crises, there is an emerging concern that the major security challenges now facing the world are far more inconspicuous and unpredictable than previously thought.  In his talk, Prof Jamie MacIntosh explored how the insights of networks and complex systems – ignored for the most part up until now – can help our public services and citizens make sense of events, support decision takers and enable the coherent actions across society that make resilience a reality. Prof MacIntosh also considered the form of leadership that is required to sow resilience wide and deep in our networked societies, foremost by growing the capacity to innovate. Coupling security to growth rather than just the cost for protective measures is vital.

Prof MacIntosh is Director of Programmes at UCL’s Institute for Security and Resilience Studies.  Before joining the Institute, he was the Chief of Research and Assessment at the Defence Academy of the UK and has previously worked as a research scientist at the Ministry of Defence.