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Chaos Versus Complexity

By Greg Fisher Recently I got in to a very interesting discussion, which led me to articulate to my interlocutor (and myself!) the difference between Chaos Theory and Complexity Theory.  I thought I’d write this down in the form of a blog article.  I should stress that you should only read further if such technical […]

What Could Complexity Theory Ever Do For Us?

By Orit Gal & Greg Fisher Over the past few years, the spillover of complexity theory from the natural into the social realms has intensified, instigating a whole range of new theories and insights about the manner in which complex human systems emerge, behave, and transform.  But, with a few honourable exceptions, complexity theory has […]

A step in the right direction

By Greg Fisher On Thursday we co-hosted an event with the RSA called “21st Century Policy Development” (21CPD).  This blog is a sort of follow-up to that event, arising out of a number of the questions asked during Q&A. What I want to do is to illustrate quite how intractable social systems and the biosphere […]

Reflexivity and Narratives

By Greg Fisher When someone mentioned to me a couple of months ago that the US launch of Prof. David Tuckett’s book Minding the Markets was held in George Soros’ own house, this seemed to make eminent sense to me.  Recently I began to reflect on why I reacted that way and it centres on […]

Patterns amid Complexity

By Greg Fisher Among the people I talk to about complex systems, a common point made is that the future is inherently uncertain or “unknowable”.  I have emphasised this myself in a number of blogs and papers – it results from the concept of emergence “breaking” determinism (as well as from quantum uncertainty).  But in […]

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